poem: retinal abyss

smokescreen demons
stretched paper-thin
sucked into
my retinal abyss



poem: shrill battle cry

alone in these haunted woods
meandering clouds hide the moon
creatures of the night all croon
getting closer, near me soon

abandoned home, i now see
front door sways, opening
creaking as it slowly swings
i walk inside. empty, it seems

crooked stairs lead me down
into a room without sound
silence fills my heart with fear
i feel it now, there’s something here

light bulb hangs from low ceiling
pull the cord, something screams
from the window i can see
creatures running towards me

glowing eyes and long sharp teeth
exposing claws from furry sheath
i yell and scream
is this a dream?

up the stairs and back outside
here they come, they want my hide
standing still, they’re almost here
i realize it’s me they fear

first one leaps predictably
these predators; no match for me
pull my knife out from behind
slicing through soft pink belly

covered in blood, it starts to rain
the next one also tries in vain
i let out my shrill battle cry
and turn my back as they both die